Rise of the Runelords

Session 4

We visited the mayor who was distraught over the story we told regarding the underground network, and the pit. She requested that we take her to the pool so she could see it in person.

When investigating around Aencar’s home we found an invitation to a party at Foxglove Manor dated for 25 days god. Aencar was expected back to town nearly 9 days ago.

The brother (don’t recall his name) was unhelpful at best when we tried to get any information out of him. He is so madly in love with the Asimar that he is certain she will bring him back from death. Gweaver decided it was best to test this theory by cutting him loose, which lead to him attacking the Hero’s, and unfortunately ended in his death.

The mayor put the Hero’s on house-arrest for not following lawful procedure. Fortunately Kaddock was able to “negotiate” for the Hero’s to not be charged of any crimes, although there will be consequences if the Hero’s go all Batman on the town and start their own brand of vigilante justice.

After re-reading the maps and notes the Hero’s have decided the best course of action is to go to Thistletop to look for clues regarding the Asimar’s transformation by burning her father’s ashes.

Step 1: Get a small boat to go to Thistletop
Step 2: Investigate the Thistletop area
Step 3: Win the adventure

We were able to identify four items:
Ring of Featherfall (Finn)
Ring of Protection +1 (Kaddock)
Small Returning Dagger (Gweaver)
Longsword +1 (Kaddock)

Session 3

Pool of still water in a dark cave. Young woman sleeping in a dark room. Growing green wave. Seeing a young woman sleeping in bed

Girl with silver eyes – Adopted Aasimr daughter: Naulia. Father Tobin was her adoptive father.

5 Major goblin tribes in this region. All 5 tribes involved in raid. Odd that 5 tribes are working together. Someone is organizing the goblins. Shalu is concerned.
10 goblin facts by Shalu
10. Horse hate – fears of horses
9. Dog hate – almost the same as horses
8. Goblins raid junkyards – like to make stuff of trash
7. Love to sing – goblin songs are creepy
6. Sneaky –
5. Goblins are crazy – Bat shit levels!
4. Veracious – dozen meals a day
3. They like fire- fire, fire, fire! /beavis
2. Get stuck easily – big heads!
1. Writing steals your soul! Only draw pictures

Goblin Tribes
Birdcruncher – Devils Platter. Closest, live in caves. Traditionally least aggressive.
Licktoad – Live in brinestump marsh. To the south. Excellent swimmers
Mosswood – held back from feuding families
Thistletop – Neddlewood coast, near decapitated head.
Seventooth tribe – Shankswood, to the east. Raiding Sandpoint trash

Goblin Leaders
Big Gugmutt – Goblin leader – tall and from Mosswood.
Korvus – Champion of the seventooth tribe. Short temper – magic long sword sized for a human. Vanished several months ago when he found a new hideout.
Vorka – Cannibal. Live in brine stomp marsh
Ripnugget – Current leader Thisletop – Control best lair according to Goblins
Breathamus – Bugbear ranger- Shalu’s nemesis – hate elves. Often trades with the goblins.
Nearest group is in Thislewood. Rock in the bay skull Shapped rock.
Pools of Rath – More than one – no idea of location – older than the tower – Call out to spirit guides – Meditate on it.

Day 10
Note from brother. Meet at the glassworks
Father incased in glass

Gweavanar's Journal

Being an account of Gweavanar the Grand, master of music, crafter of words, and teller of tales.

After spending much of my miss-spent youth along the river, among the fine
Merchants and sailors of the Yondabankari River, I’ve decided to make my own way and become
an adventurer, a collector of stories and a teller of tales! My river companions have
encouraged me to spread the merriment, and though I shall miss them, I must agree that the
life of a river-rat holds little reward for one of my talents and skills. I’ve decided to
make my way to the town of Sandpoint, where I hear there are many interesting things to
explore, and as I have but one pair of boots for company, I’d prefer to start somewhere
close in my tale-collecting odyssey. There is reputed to be a fine Theater owned by a
Cyrdak Drokkus in Sandpoint, and some very old ruins, of which many a tale has been spawned
from. And what luck! As Desna would have it, there is to be a grand celebration soon to
dedicate the new church! There shall be a large gathering of people from far away, what a
perfect time to make my first appearance to the world!

Sandpoint Day One:
What a tidy little place Sandpoint is! I’ve taken lodging at the White Stagg, I
believe the Innkeeper was impressed to house such a fine troubadour for an evening. Upon my
arrival I decided it prudent to first get a lay of the town and take a walk-around. Desna’s
luck is still with me, because as I turned from the Main Street on to Gaffer’s Walk I met
my first adventuring companion, Finn Mibbiwyn! The poor fellow found himself locked out of
his friends home, with whom he had planned to stay during the festivities. I, of course,
volunteered my services to help him gain entry. It is of course because I recognized him as
a fellow mercantile entrepreneur that I felt an instant kinship with the him. AND! I
was double blessed with luck today, for as I was lifting Finn though the window of his
friends home, I met my second companion! Though the fellow had a peculiar, dumbfounded look on his face, I could tell he was a man of substance and in need of employment. I immediately hired him as my porter. I was relieved to be free of my bags weight, but the equipment it holds will
prove to be invaluable, of that I am sure. We all took some respite in the little home while
Finn appeared to be looking for a note that might have been left for him, when we had the
opportunity to meet Sherriff Hemlock. Interesting fellow. I shall have to go to the town-hall
tomorrow to get a permit for my craft. I would prefer to continue choosing at which
establishment to ply my trade, rather than having the sheriff do so for me.
After some discussion we decided it was best to seek an inn to say at until Finn’s
friend returned. But lo! If the day couldn’t be any more auspicious, we were met just up
the street by Madame Niska, whom apparently was looking for my Porter! What luck then that
he had already accepted a week’s pay from me. But we took up her offer for bread and cheese
and had a nice chat at her cottage. She had some auspicious revelations for Kaddock, but
we’ve all decided it’s too late tonight to fully digest all of the information that we’ve

Sandpoint Day 2:
This morning we awoke refreshed and we thought over what to do while we wait for
the ceremonial festivities to begin a week hence. Finn has mentioned that he would like to
look for his friend, a red-skinned orc. Odd-combination that. My porter, Kaddock, seems to
be concerned about the old crone we spoke to yesterday. Kaddy, seems to have some ability
at divination and would like to look into some of the things he learned from the crone. We
set out on our way to the ruins of the old tower here. I smell a tale brewing. Along the
way we looked around for some clues to where we might find a red-skinned orc. Our search
introduced us to the towns sanitation crew, charming fellows. We learned that there is an
occasional goblin that can be found in the town’s trash pile. I thought this odd, as I
wouldn’t consider goblins to be very neighborly creatures. We also explored the ruins of
the Tower today. Something is there, some old untold story, I just know it! Desna willing,
I shall uncover the tale and give it voice! The Tower ruins overlook, Chopper’s island. It
gives me shivers to think of that tale, but it still tingles my mind. I must find out more,
perhaps tomorrow.

Sandpoint Day 3:
Today we explored Chopper Isle, and beheld the ghostly stories of the island come
to life! The spirit of the artist still haunts the island. Kaddock has cast a vision on the
scene, of some ghostly green light. He said that Chopper was sleeping peacefully, when a
wave of green fire rolled over him in a shockwave. Then chopper became hateful and his
visions of chopper killing people become vibrant. The vision ended with chopper attacking a
sheriff, the one before Hemlock, and as the current sheriff approaches the cabin catches on
fire and “Chopper” is killed inside. The artist’s tools are still in the burnt out wreck of
his home, they are unscathed by fire, patiently awaiting their master’s hand. Earlier in the day I tried my hand at making a goblin trap, perhaps we may get lucky and catch one.

Sandpoint Day 4:
Today we followed the goblin tracks up the coastline for most of the day. The tracks seem very old, and it was agreed that there could have been a better way to spend the day. Still, I feel uneasy. I also need not mention my failed attempt at a goblin-box-trap. We have been taking kip at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu is the owner and apparently an ex-adventurer herself. I should like to approach her sometime and ask some questions. However, I understand that her mother has died from taking a spill over a cliff, and she has some longstanding disagreement with her father. These things make it difficult for me to find the right moment. The timing of some of these events, along with the great fire and chopper, has begun to make me suspicious of something. I have no proof of anything, but I’m starting to get the feeling that perhaps something doesn’t want this town here, and is trying to find a way to make the townsfolk dispair. This of course could just be a fanciful tale spun by my poetic mind.

Sandpoint Day 5:
Goblin Attack
Sandpoint Day 6:
Sandpoint Day 7:
Boar hunt
Sandpoint Day 8:

After the Festival

Tami, a half elf ranger druid joins the party at the end of the festival battle.

The players have been busy as the Town Heroes. While the PC’s wanted to set out to the north to follow the goblin tracks, the Mayor and Sheriff asked them to remain in town for a few days to help keep the townsfolk calm. Gweave (Gweavanar’s new nickname) writes several songs and preforms them at the Rusty Dragon. His performance is so inspiring, that the townsfolk almost immediately take a collective breath and start laughing at the Goblin’s antics during the attack. True, some folks died, and the town rallies around their families, but more importantly the vast majority survived and are stronger for the ordeal. Kaddock gets mighty drunk and Ameko and Gweavanar must drag him to his room. Ameko locks the door because she is afraid the town girls might break in at “Take advantage” of the downed hero.

The day after the attack, the party continues to explore around the town. They discover several items:
1) The goblins sent a strike force directly to the cemetery to recover Father Toybn’s remains.
2) Someone opened the north city gates, which allowed the goblins direct access to the cemetery.
3) At the end of the raid, the party assisted the Sheriff in saving the Mayor, Father Zanthus, and Aldern Foxglove (a noble from Magnimar). At the time the party did not notice, but there were large ladders leaning on the wall that were much to large for the goblins to have brought with them. The Sheriff burned the ladders during the battle. The party wonders if the Sheriff burnt them to prevent the goblin’s escape, or to destroy evidence.

While investigating these rumors, the party finds out:
1) Father Toybn had a beautiful adopted celestial daughter with silver hair and silver eyes. The town treated her badly but she was beloved by her father. Her remains (Ashes?) resided in the crypt by her father’s ashes.
2) “Bodies” is not an accurate description of the remains of Father Toybn and his daughter. The townsfolk did the best they could, but all that was found after the fire were small shards of burnt bones in areas where the two lived.
3) Father Toybn’s coffin was literally “swept” clean by the goblins. Not a speck of ashes remained.
4) The Sheriff was overheard by several people asking the guardsmen if the north gate had been secured before they joined the festivities. Both guardsmen said Yes… But they both died.
5) The headmaster tells the party that there are several uses for remains. Zombies, Skeletons, Liches, you know, things like that…

At Finn’s insistence the Mayor quickly throws together a parade for the Town Heroes. The entire town turns out and follows the hero’s wagon around town, and a huge party breaks out in the honor. The party last most of the night.

The next morning, Aldren Foxglove invites the party on a Boar Hunt. Since Aldren wants to hunt in the direction of the original goblin tracks, the party agrees. Aldren buys the party mounts, and they head out. It is clear that Tami is having none of Aldren. After saving him, Aldren planted a big kiss, and groped Tami… She is not pleased. During the travels to Tickwood Aldren foppishly probes about the PC’s. He really wants to learn how to CHARGE an enemy and is truly enamored with the party’s bravery. The party continually tells Aldren that CHARGING is not always the best option. As they arrive at the edge of Tickwood, the party comes across the largest boar that any of them have ever seen. Weighing in at over 700 pounds. Aldren initially turns his horse to flee. But after the first few moments of combat he has a change of heart and CHARGES in to aid Kaddock. Seconds later, Aldren lies bleeding to death in the dirt. The Dire Boar is finally slain and the party revives Aldren who then cannot stop talking about his heroic charge of the boar. Gweave writes a song about the battle and Tami, fed up with Aldren, heads to a different inn.

Gweave preforms his “Ode to the Charge” at the Rusty Dragon Inn, much to Ameko’s, Aldren’s, and the patron’s delight. Aldren invites the party to his father’s estate to preform the Ode. As the party prepares for bed, a women, Amele) bustles into the inn with her young son and toddler daughter. She tells the party that since the goblin attack her young son has been having night terrors and awakening the entire family with tales of a goblin in the closet. Normally her husband, Alergast, would check on the children and put them back to bed, over and over each night. But after the fourth time tonight, he refused and decided to let his son cry himself to sleep. A few moments later they heard their infant and son screaming. Alergast burst into the room to find a goblin chewing on the baby’s arm, and the family dog dead. Amele collected the children and ran for the Rusty Dragon to get the Heroes of Sandpoint’s help. The PC’s send Aldren out to get the Sheriff and immediately head to Amele’s home. Arriving, they barge in and in one mighty blow Kaddock slays the Goblin Commando. But it is too late to save Alergast.

Heading back to the Rusty Dragon, they give Amele the bad news and the Sheriff takes her to the temple for the night. During the night, Kaddock has another dream. In the dream, he sees a pool of still water in a dark cave. His vision shifts to above ground, and he sees a flash 100’s miles in the distance. The site changes and he sees a young women sleeping in a dark room. Again his vision shifts to the pool, now violently bubbling and slowly glowing green. With a sudden burst of energy, a green mystical wave bursts from the pool and passes through the walls of the cave. In a final flash, Kaddock again sees a young women sleeping in her bed. The green wave bursts through the floor, passes over her and out of the room. The girl sits up in bed, and the last thing Kaddock sees is her silver eyes…

After telling the party about his vision, they prepare to investigate further who opened the gates on the day of the attack. As they set out, they are summoned to the Garrison with news that Shalelu (Shale) Andosana has arrived in town and would like to speak to them right away.

Sandpoint Festival
  • “Chopper” was sleeping peacefully. A wave of green fire rolled over him in a shockwave. Then “Chopper” becomes hateful & visions of killing people become vibrant. The vision ends with him attacking a sheriff (Not the current sheriff) as the current sheriff approaches the cabin catches on fire and “Chopper” is killed inside.
  • Goblins attack during the festival, running through the town primarily to get food.
  • Tamii Fireshot shows up during a goblin fight.
  • The sheriff & mayor thank us for the helping to fight off the goblins.
  • We are proclaimed “Heroes” by the town leaders we saved
  • MW Dogslicer (Sell)
  • 32 Gold (Dan)
  • 2 Cure Light Wound Potions (Chris, Damon)
  • Small Wooden Shield (Chris)

Kaddock Vision- Chopper was sleping peacfully then a green wave of fire bubbled up from under the floor and after chopper woke with a look of malace on his face. Then flashes of the killings and chopper killing the old sherif. He is back in the room a nw sherifs are there and the building caught on fire.

Ameka – Talk to about chopper before the “green wave” loved carving wood and was obsessed w/ carving birds. would randomly carve wood around town. It was an honor to have a chopper carving before the killings. During the aprehension there was a struggle and from wht i hear the building caught on fire and chopper chose to stay and die there.

Exploring Sanpoint - Session 1

Kaddock’s Notes

  • Vision’s two small creatures – Gnomes?
  • Other Niska – Old Crone – Oracle- haunted like me.
  • Said to stick with the gnomes for awhile and that other small things are comming. ( Vision was near the academy)- does that mean anything?
  • Will be seeing and elf soon. a person of nature- Shalu – Finn knows them.
  • Finn – Looking for a Orc with a “Reddish Tinge” Choppers Island *Had another vision involving a green wave but this tame it was over *Chopper and shortly after he started killing people.

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