Rise of the Runelords

Session 3

Pool of still water in a dark cave. Young woman sleeping in a dark room. Growing green wave. Seeing a young woman sleeping in bed

Girl with silver eyes – Adopted Aasimr daughter: Naulia. Father Tobin was her adoptive father.

5 Major goblin tribes in this region. All 5 tribes involved in raid. Odd that 5 tribes are working together. Someone is organizing the goblins. Shalu is concerned.
10 goblin facts by Shalu
10. Horse hate – fears of horses
9. Dog hate – almost the same as horses
8. Goblins raid junkyards – like to make stuff of trash
7. Love to sing – goblin songs are creepy
6. Sneaky –
5. Goblins are crazy – Bat shit levels!
4. Veracious – dozen meals a day
3. They like fire- fire, fire, fire! /beavis
2. Get stuck easily – big heads!
1. Writing steals your soul! Only draw pictures

Goblin Tribes
Birdcruncher – Devils Platter. Closest, live in caves. Traditionally least aggressive.
Licktoad – Live in brinestump marsh. To the south. Excellent swimmers
Mosswood – held back from feuding families
Thistletop – Neddlewood coast, near decapitated head.
Seventooth tribe – Shankswood, to the east. Raiding Sandpoint trash

Goblin Leaders
Big Gugmutt – Goblin leader – tall and from Mosswood.
Korvus – Champion of the seventooth tribe. Short temper – magic long sword sized for a human. Vanished several months ago when he found a new hideout.
Vorka – Cannibal. Live in brine stomp marsh
Ripnugget – Current leader Thisletop – Control best lair according to Goblins
Breathamus – Bugbear ranger- Shalu’s nemesis – hate elves. Often trades with the goblins.
Nearest group is in Thislewood. Rock in the bay skull Shapped rock.
Pools of Rath – More than one – no idea of location – older than the tower – Call out to spirit guides – Meditate on it.

Day 10
Note from brother. Meet at the glassworks
Father incased in glass



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