Rise of the Runelords

Sandpoint Festival

  • “Chopper” was sleeping peacefully. A wave of green fire rolled over him in a shockwave. Then “Chopper” becomes hateful & visions of killing people become vibrant. The vision ends with him attacking a sheriff (Not the current sheriff) as the current sheriff approaches the cabin catches on fire and “Chopper” is killed inside.
  • Goblins attack during the festival, running through the town primarily to get food.
  • Tamii Fireshot shows up during a goblin fight.
  • The sheriff & mayor thank us for the helping to fight off the goblins.
  • We are proclaimed “Heroes” by the town leaders we saved
  • MW Dogslicer (Sell)
  • 32 Gold (Dan)
  • 2 Cure Light Wound Potions (Chris, Damon)
  • Small Wooden Shield (Chris)

Kaddock Vision- Chopper was sleping peacfully then a green wave of fire bubbled up from under the floor and after chopper woke with a look of malace on his face. Then flashes of the killings and chopper killing the old sherif. He is back in the room a nw sherifs are there and the building caught on fire.

Ameka – Talk to about chopper before the “green wave” loved carving wood and was obsessed w/ carving birds. would randomly carve wood around town. It was an honor to have a chopper carving before the killings. During the aprehension there was a struggle and from wht i hear the building caught on fire and chopper chose to stay and die there.



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