Welcome to Sandpoint!

A bit about our little game. Years ago, more than a decade really, a group of friends got together on weekends to play D&D. We played 2E and then 3E when it was released. Back then, things seemed much easier. Some of us were married and working, some were college students, some were sleeping on the others’ couches. One thing we all had in common, no kids, and we all had pretty open schedules.

Back in the day, I normally ended up DMing, mostly because I am bossy. I have quite a reputation for punishing stupidity and meta game thinking. Mostly that was the result of my own early DM Terry, who ran amazing dark and visceral games. But if you messed up, you paid for it. I am trying to back down on that a bit though, to old to be all serious about D&D. =D

Times change and we all “Grew Up.” Over the next decade, children arrived, and we all ended up married and spread out across the country. We now live in Texas, Georgia, South Dakota, and Minnesota. Gaming seemed far fetched due to physical location, work schedules, and our crazy schedules. So here we are, years later and getting together when we can to play Pathfinder. Starting with Rise of the Runelords. We are using D20Pro, and while there are some little issues with Herolabs, and Pathfinder compatibility, So far, fun has been had. =D

I make no promises that this will be updated often, but we will do what we can, when we can. At the heart of it, we are just having fun, and writing journals is not something that is high on my list of fun. =D

Rise of the Runelords

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