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Chracters in Standpoint

5 Major goblin tribes in this region (roughly average 50 Goblins each) and their activity throughout the region has been increasing. All 5 tribes involved in raid. Odd that 5 tribes are working together. Someone is organizing the goblins. Shalu is concerned.

Goblin Facts
10. Horse hate – fears of horses
9. Dog hate – almost the same as horses
8. Goblins raid junkyards – like to make stuff of trash
7. Love to sing – goblin songs are creepy
6. They are Sneaky –
5. Goblins are crazy – Bat shit levels!
4. Veracious – dozen meals a day
3. They like fire- fire, fire, fire! /beavis
2. Get stuck easily – big heads!
1. Writing steals your soul! Only draw pictures

Goblin Leaders
Big Gugmutt – Goblin leader – tall, muscular. From the Mosswood.
Korvus – Champion of the seventooth tribe. Short temper – magic long sword sized for a humor. Disappeared a few months ago after discovering a new secret hideout.
Vorka – Cannibal. Lives in the brine stomp marsh
Ripnugget – Current leader of thisletop – Controls the best lair. By far the most cunning and intelligent of all goblins in the region. The only foe worthy of his respect is his nemesis, Finn the Grand.
Breathamus – Bugbear ranger- Shalu’s nemesis – hate elves

Pools of Rath– More than one – no idea of location – older than the tower – Call out to spirit guides – Meditate on it.

Main Page

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