Bukta One-Eye


Bukta grew up to adoptive parents in the Grungier Forest region. He grew up feeling comfortable in the half-orc village, despite his full-blood orc heritage. He still doesn’t know how his adoptive parents ended up with him, and now that they have passed he figures he’ll probably never know.

His adoptive parents passed on when he was in his later teens and despite knowing many in the village he didn’t have any other ties, and essentially sold off his parents belongings and left via land caravan to the south. He eventually found his way to Magimar where he was hired on at a dock to load ships. He stayed on as a dock hand for a few months before being accused of theft, which sent him into hiding. In the wilderness, and on his own he joined with other accused, or actual criminals and began to raid merchant caravans.

He smuggled and stole for a few seasons when he began to hear that pirating would prove more lucrative. Bukta made his way back to the coast to find passage to Riddleport. It was here that he began his journey as a Pirate. He proved in-effective at first in regard to the sailing, but when boarding other ships he certainly earned his keep. On the frequent stops in Riddleport he entered into local pit fights, which also proved quite lucrative.

It was in his third year on the ship that Bukta’s luck and skill in combat were put to the test. The ship was low on fresh water, and part of the crew, including Bukta, were sent out in small paddle-boats toward a fresh water river spilling into the sea. When nearing the river a Hydra erupted from the water to attack the small man powered boats. Bukta found himself ineffective against the hydra while confined to the small boat, he was flung from the boat by the Hydra where he blacked out. The remaining pirates on the main ship moved on, while the hydra slaughtered many of those on the boats.

Bukta awoke some time later on a small hay bed located under the night sky. He was on a beach surrounded by a few campfires, and the curious people caring for him were unfamiliar from anything he had ever seen before. He spent a few days healing up, then spent nearly a year with the Gnomes along the coast. They showed him the way of their god Gozreh who they believed saved him from the sea that day with the Hydra. He spent his days mostly talking of his past and learning about the Gnomish culture from this small group. Toward the end he began to feel anxious to get back out to sea and once again headed toward Magimar where he took on with Korvosa’s Love.

Bukta One-Eye

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