Rise of the Runelords

Gweavanar's Journal

Being an account of Gweavanar the Grand, master of music, crafter of words, and teller of tales.

After spending much of my miss-spent youth along the river, among the fine
Merchants and sailors of the Yondabankari River, I’ve decided to make my own way and become
an adventurer, a collector of stories and a teller of tales! My river companions have
encouraged me to spread the merriment, and though I shall miss them, I must agree that the
life of a river-rat holds little reward for one of my talents and skills. I’ve decided to
make my way to the town of Sandpoint, where I hear there are many interesting things to
explore, and as I have but one pair of boots for company, I’d prefer to start somewhere
close in my tale-collecting odyssey. There is reputed to be a fine Theater owned by a
Cyrdak Drokkus in Sandpoint, and some very old ruins, of which many a tale has been spawned
from. And what luck! As Desna would have it, there is to be a grand celebration soon to
dedicate the new church! There shall be a large gathering of people from far away, what a
perfect time to make my first appearance to the world!

Sandpoint Day One:
What a tidy little place Sandpoint is! I’ve taken lodging at the White Stagg, I
believe the Innkeeper was impressed to house such a fine troubadour for an evening. Upon my
arrival I decided it prudent to first get a lay of the town and take a walk-around. Desna’s
luck is still with me, because as I turned from the Main Street on to Gaffer’s Walk I met
my first adventuring companion, Finn Mibbiwyn! The poor fellow found himself locked out of
his friends home, with whom he had planned to stay during the festivities. I, of course,
volunteered my services to help him gain entry. It is of course because I recognized him as
a fellow mercantile entrepreneur that I felt an instant kinship with the him. AND! I
was double blessed with luck today, for as I was lifting Finn though the window of his
friends home, I met my second companion! Though the fellow had a peculiar, dumbfounded look on his face, I could tell he was a man of substance and in need of employment. I immediately hired him as my porter. I was relieved to be free of my bags weight, but the equipment it holds will
prove to be invaluable, of that I am sure. We all took some respite in the little home while
Finn appeared to be looking for a note that might have been left for him, when we had the
opportunity to meet Sherriff Hemlock. Interesting fellow. I shall have to go to the town-hall
tomorrow to get a permit for my craft. I would prefer to continue choosing at which
establishment to ply my trade, rather than having the sheriff do so for me.
After some discussion we decided it was best to seek an inn to say at until Finn’s
friend returned. But lo! If the day couldn’t be any more auspicious, we were met just up
the street by Madame Niska, whom apparently was looking for my Porter! What luck then that
he had already accepted a week’s pay from me. But we took up her offer for bread and cheese
and had a nice chat at her cottage. She had some auspicious revelations for Kaddock, but
we’ve all decided it’s too late tonight to fully digest all of the information that we’ve

Sandpoint Day 2:
This morning we awoke refreshed and we thought over what to do while we wait for
the ceremonial festivities to begin a week hence. Finn has mentioned that he would like to
look for his friend, a red-skinned orc. Odd-combination that. My porter, Kaddock, seems to
be concerned about the old crone we spoke to yesterday. Kaddy, seems to have some ability
at divination and would like to look into some of the things he learned from the crone. We
set out on our way to the ruins of the old tower here. I smell a tale brewing. Along the
way we looked around for some clues to where we might find a red-skinned orc. Our search
introduced us to the towns sanitation crew, charming fellows. We learned that there is an
occasional goblin that can be found in the town’s trash pile. I thought this odd, as I
wouldn’t consider goblins to be very neighborly creatures. We also explored the ruins of
the Tower today. Something is there, some old untold story, I just know it! Desna willing,
I shall uncover the tale and give it voice! The Tower ruins overlook, Chopper’s island. It
gives me shivers to think of that tale, but it still tingles my mind. I must find out more,
perhaps tomorrow.

Sandpoint Day 3:
Today we explored Chopper Isle, and beheld the ghostly stories of the island come
to life! The spirit of the artist still haunts the island. Kaddock has cast a vision on the
scene, of some ghostly green light. He said that Chopper was sleeping peacefully, when a
wave of green fire rolled over him in a shockwave. Then chopper became hateful and his
visions of chopper killing people become vibrant. The vision ended with chopper attacking a
sheriff, the one before Hemlock, and as the current sheriff approaches the cabin catches on
fire and “Chopper” is killed inside. The artist’s tools are still in the burnt out wreck of
his home, they are unscathed by fire, patiently awaiting their master’s hand. Earlier in the day I tried my hand at making a goblin trap, perhaps we may get lucky and catch one.

Sandpoint Day 4:
Today we followed the goblin tracks up the coastline for most of the day. The tracks seem very old, and it was agreed that there could have been a better way to spend the day. Still, I feel uneasy. I also need not mention my failed attempt at a goblin-box-trap. We have been taking kip at the Rusty Dragon, Ameiko Kaijitsu is the owner and apparently an ex-adventurer herself. I should like to approach her sometime and ask some questions. However, I understand that her mother has died from taking a spill over a cliff, and she has some longstanding disagreement with her father. These things make it difficult for me to find the right moment. The timing of some of these events, along with the great fire and chopper, has begun to make me suspicious of something. I have no proof of anything, but I’m starting to get the feeling that perhaps something doesn’t want this town here, and is trying to find a way to make the townsfolk dispair. This of course could just be a fanciful tale spun by my poetic mind.

Sandpoint Day 5:
Goblin Attack
Sandpoint Day 6:
Sandpoint Day 7:
Boar hunt
Sandpoint Day 8:



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